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Togo, Benin & Ghana

This is a long of week on the road in West Africa, across Ghana, Togo and Benin. This part of the world is still one of the best destination for the travel that wishes to emerge into the African culture, to understand the challenges of everyday life and understand...

Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Since the day I begun traveling, I dreamed that one day I will visit the lower Omo valley. The reason was none other than the amazing series of photos from the Mursi tribe that I saw in a french photography magazine. The lip plates, the body painting, the local...

Tanzania 2016

Since I started my business in Africa, there isn't a single year that I will not return to Serengeti for a safari. My friend Ole, was once more our guide. The occasion was a business trip to Kenya and Uganda with my partner Yiannis and the promise to take him and his...

Congo (DRC)

I had Nyiragongo in my bucket list for quite some time but I was hesitant because of the security situation in the Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nyiragongo is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and hosts the largest active lava lake, a...


Being on a road trip with my two sons has only been one of my dreams. The opportunity came up when Nikitas graduated this year from high school. Chris, the young one, is already fourteen, old enough to follow and maybe appreciate a road trip. We set out to California....


Why is Norway so rich? How is life during the dark and cold winter north of the polar zone? Why are Scandinavian murder novelists so successful? What is so magic about the northern lights? These are some of the many questions I was hoping to answer at the northernmost...


I visited Ecuador for the first time in 1992, by accident. My intention was to spend one week under the sun of Venezuela. When I was ready to board the American Airlines Miami-Quito flight, I discovered that I had no visa stamped on my passport. Since AA failed to...

Myanmar (2015)

Burma, nowadays, officially known as Myanmar, is a large country. At 676 thousand strangely shaped square kilometers, with a long tongue protruding out in the south, a diversified population of 52 million, very few english speakers, a number of regions blocked by the...

South Italy (2014)

South Italy is a land of historical diversity and continuity, active volcanoes, excellent food and warm people. I can hardly think of a reason I had not visited earlier this place, so close to Greece and yet so off my destination lists. Anyway, here we are, early...

Cuba 2014

I had been in Cuba in 1999, long before I rediscovered my passion for photography. These were difficult times for the island, right after the "special period", the time after the collapse of the Soviet Union that sent Cuba into famine and despair. I stayed most of the...
One Day Safari in Kenya

One Day Safari in Kenya

After a two-day visit in Nairobi for business, I had a free Saturday before flying to Rwanda and DRC. Peter and Radina offered to visit Lake Nakuru National Park, three hours drive from Nairobi. This presented a great opportunity to test the newest addition to my lens...



Last May, I had the chance to visit Yerevan for business. Armenia is not a usual destination for business, but the invitation from Aram was tempting. Aram and I go back a long time, from our Austin years, in the early 90s.I was not sure what to expect out of Yerevan....

Colors of Symi

Colors of Symi

Next to the island Rhodes, there is a small gem. The tiny island of Symi is only one hour away from its famous neighbor and is unwuestionably the most picturesque of the Greek islands. It has a beautiful port, with colorful houses and narrow streets. The houses climb...

Las Vegas and Grand Canyon

Las Vegas and Grand Canyon

It is so kitsch that it is ingenious! The “strip” is a 4-mile stretch of Las Vegas Blvd. South where many of the world’s largest casinos and hotels are located. Fifteen of the largest twenty five hotels in the world are here. I stayed in the MGM Grand, a gigantic...

Barcelona 2015

Barcelona 2015

This was my second visit to Barcelona. The previous visit for business purposes (here) so I had very limited time to walk around. This time, it was different. Four days only, joined by friends and my kids, but we had plenty of time to walk around and soak in the city...

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, meaning the New Flower in Amharic, is the capital of Ethiopia. Founded in 1866 by emperor Menelik II hosts more than 4 million people and growing at 3,8% annually! It did not look like this when my taxi drove me from the airport to the Intercontinental at...

Hydra Island

Hydra Island

What's in a weekend break? For some it is the opportunity to visit new places and meet new people, for some others it is the chance to bond with their friends and family. And for many it is the chance to live a life they can't have. For three long days you can be a...



This is a city I often fly to, but I rarely stay. This time it was for a business conference and I would stay for three days. The first evening, I had a pleasent surprise. A good friend of a good friend, whom I also know, was also in Vienna for the day and we decided...

Three days in London

Three days in London

Right after my return from Madagascar, I visited London for three days. It has been a while since my last visit and forgot what a great city it is. Lovely restaurants, an excellent theater and art scene, an international crowd, great shopping, in other words a city...



It was a bold decision to spend one week in Iceland during the summer. Being Greek, vacation means beach and sunbathing, so the idea to spend the entire summer holidays in freezing temperatures was a bit too much. We had just one week and we did not want to spend it...


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