Born and raised in Athens, Greece, I have several passions that consume me: traveling, wildlife and photography among them. I took photography out of necessity: lacking of talent in any form of art, photography became my way to transform visual stimuli into a subjective aesthetic view of reality.

I live between Athens, Sofia and East Africa, traveling fifty weeks a year, mostly for business. Fortunately I can afford to break from business travel, to visit places I have never been before. Unfortunately, I cannot yet quit my business, but some day soon…

I started with photography in my college years. First a Russian Zenit, then a Praktica BC1, then a Nikon FE2, black and white films and kitchen darkroom, fuji chromes… For many reasons, I separated from photography in 1992, only to realize how much I mssed it 15 years later. By then, it had become digital, so I had to learn a whole bunch of new tricks.

You can find some of my work on 500px, on flickr and on facebook. Feel free to comment and contact me.

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