Mandalay (day 2)

Mandalay (day 2)

The morning hours are the best in Myanmar. Clear skies, a pleasant breeze and intriguing house cooking odors. After a full breakfast at the hotel’s roof garden we went to the Kyauk Taw Gyi pagoda with the resident, imposing marble Buddha image, made from a single...


The early morning flight to Mandalay was our first in Myanmar, so there was a fair amount of uncertainty involved. The national flights terminal will certainly look familiar to seasoned travelers: small, basic, with signs in completely incomprehensible script and no...
Sunday at the zoo

Sunday at the zoo

Today I felt like going to the Athens zoo again. Here are some pictures from my afternoon visit. The highlight was the birds of prey feeding show.   Pink Falmingos Pink Falmingos. Curious A cheetah cub looking into my lens. Cleaning Cleaning after an intense...
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

A girl with big smile and a christmas hat. August 2013, in Ambalavao, Madagascar. Merry Christmas to everybody. Just remember that not all kids have the same opportunities in...
Contemporary Cuba

Contemporary Cuba

A photo documentary of contemporary Cuba in 28 photos from my last trip to Cuba in 2014. Cuba left me a bitter-sweet feeling of a country with great people and potential in the process of redefining itself after 55 years of socialism. Cuba is much more than great...


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