Barcelona 2015

Fri 29 May, 2015

This was my second visit to Barcelona. The previous visit for business purposes (here) so I had very limited time to walk around. This time, it was different. Four days only, joined by friends and my kids, but we had plenty of time to walk around and soak in the city mood.

Barcelona is a unique city. Once the world center of anarchism and the birthplace of the greatest in 20th century art, it combines the modern with classic, form with improvisation, good weather with cheerful people.


The Harbour
The city harbour viewed from the cable car.
The Marina
Barcelona's marina seen from the cable car on the way from Miramar to Port Vell.
The docks
The docks of the city harbour, hosting some maga yachts.
Ronda Litoral
Afternoon scene on Ronda Litoral, close to the sea promenade.
Ronda Litoral
Ronda Litoral, teh avenue along the sea front.
Barcelona Street
A typical street in the center of the city.
Red Vespa
Barcelona is gfull of photo opportunities. Here is a red vespa among its black cousins.
In a row
Bicycles for hire in Barcelona.
The Palazzo
An old palace across the Picassso museum, serving as a jazz bar in the evenings.
Cigarette Break
A guy taking a cigarette break on his balcony.
City Hopper
One of the bus tourers to hop around the city.
Catalan Flag
Catalan flags are hanging form many balconies in the center.



Home to the ingenious architect Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona has arguably the most interesting city architecture on the planet. I could not agree more with this: “Bold, brash, colourful, distinctive, harmonious,varied and unique are just a few adjectives that come to mind when describing Barcelona architecture. Barcelona has successfully blended the old and the new in a way that makes this city simply breathtakingly beautiful. There is nothing more enjoyable than strolling around the streets of Barcelona and taking in the atmosphere that radiates out from the architecture.”


Casa Batlló
La casa Batlló, a masterpice of Antoni Gaudí, built 1906-1908.
A building in teh city center.
The Mall
Even the malls are a piece of art in Barcelona.
Casa Milà
Casa Milà, a residential building of Gaudí's finished in 1910.
Hotel Lleo
Hotel Lleo, in the city center.
City Scape
Barcelona city center, always interesting. always beautiful.
Casa Batlló
A window in Casa Batlló.
The Passage
An oversreet passage connecting two buildings in a narrow street in the center of Barcelona.
Escvelade de Artes Aplicadas
Placa de la Veronica in teh city center.
Barcelona Architecture
A building in teh city center.
La Catedral
The city cathedral of Barcelona.

Besides the famous Sagrada Família – construction commenced in 1882 and is still unfinished – and the better known Gaudí creations, there are many other interesting buildings to visit. Most impressive is the the diagonal facade off all corner building to form an open space in the city junctions.


The beams in the interior of the Sagrada Família, imitating a tree forest.
Sagrada Família
Detail from the back entrance facade of the Sagrada Família.
Sagrada Família
The Sagrada Família under construction since 1882.
Sagrada Família
The interior of la Sagrada Família, with the forest like beams.

Street Life

The citizens of the Catalan capital take advantage of the wonderful weather to flood the streets of the center on a daily basis. There is nothing more entertaining for a photographer other than mingling with the city crowd.


Colros of Barcelona
Narrow street in the city center.
Happy couple in the center of Barcelona.
Saturday morning, the crowds are flooding Rambla de Prim.
Her and Her Bicycle
A girl and her bicycle in the city center.
Reading or Begging?
A guy reading and begging in the stretts of Barcelona.
Teo lovely ladies gone shopping in Barcelona.
Two guys and two twins in the city center.
Afternoon Walk
A family on Rambla during the afternoon walk.
Racing Hound
A girl and her racing hound in the city center.
Ready to Flee
An immigrant selling fake bags, ready to flee in case police shows up.
A guy in the streets of Barcelona.


As any major European city, Barcelona hosts a myriad of street artists. Music, mime, peinture, they all have their place under the bright Catalan sun. It helps that the population is predominantly young and that the region has a deep and long cultural history.


Bad Hair Day
Street band somewhere in the city center.
Street rap artist close to the Catedral de Barcelona.
The Guitarist
Anotehr street musician with an interesting face.
The Bass Player
A street nusician in Barcelona.
Street Artist
A street artist resting on a pillar in the center.
The Band
A street band in Rambla.
The Piano Player
A street musician in Rambla.


One cannot visit Barcelona without tasting the local delicacies in the numerous tapas bars all over the city. The concept is rather simple: take rounds at the bar, select from the rich variety of food on toast bread and in the end, count the toothpicks to figure out the bill. Once you think you are full, most certainly a waiter will come around with a fresh tapa that you have to taste.

I reached the gastronomical peak, in a humble tapas place in Barceloneta, where I devoured the most tasteful prawns of my life.


Bar del Pla
Another eatery in teh center of Barcelona.
Tapas Bar
One of the many tapas bars in the city center.
La PLata
A tapas bars in the center.



Once a poor, dirty neighborhood next to the city harbour, Barceloneta was transformed for the 1992 Olympics into the city’s promenade. An excellent example of how money spent for sports fiestas could positively affect a city.


The Beach
The beach in Barceloneta is full of life even in April.
A doll on a balcony in Barceloneta.
The Barceloneta Beach
The beach in Barceloneta.
Sea Food
Tapas Bar in Barceloneta.



Barcelona hosts one of the best aquariums. The most impressive feature is the huge water tank with the glass tunnel, which enable the visitor to walk under sharks and other big fish. Must see for kids and grown ups alike.


A big guy swining in the aquarium's big tank above our heads.
Bad Ass
An exotic fish in the city aquarium.
The Aquarium
Corlful anemone in the aquarium.


The Market

Do not leave the city unless you visited the food market. Noisy, colorful, sometimes overwhelming, it is the best place to taste jammon with beer.


Sea Food
Sea food tapas in the one of the tapas bars in the food market.
Jammon for sale in teh food market.
Mostly Red
Fruits for sale in the food market.
Sausages in teh food market.
Catalan Beuaty
A beautiful girl working in the food market
Frsh juice for sale in the food market.
Fruits for sale in the food market.