Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Since the day I begun traveling, I dreamed that one day I will visit the lower Omo valley. The reason was none other than the amazing series of photos from the Mursi tribe that I saw in a french photography magazine. The lip plates, the body painting, the local...
Mursi and Ari

Mursi and Ari

The night was short. I woke up at 3:30 by the screaming loudspeakers of the neighboring Orthodox church. Apparently the mass in Ethiopia starts at 4am and won’t finish until 7:30. Not a good start for what I was afraid to be a challenging day. I had read a lot...
Daasanach and Bana

Daasanach and Bana

From Turmi to Omorate is about an hour drive over very good tarmac. A blasé government official in an indifferent office checked our passports and registered the details in a logbook, as this is the last town before the Kenyan border. I wonder if anyone ever checks...
Konso and Hamer

Konso and Hamer

The breakfast at the Paradise Lodge overlooking lake Chamo was pleasant, but as with every state-run establishment in Ethiopia, we had serious issues in communicating with the staff. Their English is poor and their training, well, poorer. We drove to Konso, a small...


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