Colors of Symi

Thu 03 Sep, 2015

Next to the island Rhodes, there is a small gem. The tiny island of Symi is only one hour away from its famous neighbor and is unwuestionably the most picturesque of the Greek islands. It has a beautiful port, with colorful houses and narrow streets. The houses climb to the top of the hill from where one can view a unique panorama.

I visited on a day trip from Rhodes on the weekend of May 1st. best to visit in spring or September when the crowds have not yet arrived. We rent a motorbike and traveled all the way to the souther tip, where the monastery of Panormitis is established. The half hour drive among green fields and olive trees is one of the most beautiful in the Aegean. There is a good number of beaches to choose from, especially if you go by boat. We did not stay overnight, but it seems like there is some interesting night life as well. Definitely a place to return to.

Panoramic view of the port from the road on the way to Panormitis.
The beautiful port of Symi, full of colors.
Port of Symi
The beautiful port of Symi with the dozens fish boats.
Sponges for Sale
Sponges in one of the port shops.
Sponges for Sale
The owner of a ponge shop with a friend smiling at the visitors.
Blue & Yellow
A house on the left side of the port under the late morning sun.
Red roofs under the spring sun in Symi.
Red and Green
The colrful rntrance of a house in Symi.
Colors of Symi
The colorful faceades in the port of Symi.
A fisherman doing his fish nets, after night out in the sea.
Needs Some Repair
A worn facade of a beautiful house in the port of Symi.
The Port of Symi
Another take on the beautiful port of Symi
The tavern 'Meraklis' in the port.
The tower of the Panormitis monastry church.
The small port of Panormitis, right in front of the monastery.
Windoes in the monastery of Panormitis.