Sun 10 May, 2015

We arrived in time in the airport to catch our flight to Ngapali that left before the scheduled time! The heat wave struck the second I went out of the airplane. After we cleared immigration (! weird, we were not coming from abroad) we headed to the Amata resort, a short twenty minutes ride. Ngapali is probably the most popular beach resort in Myanmar but it is far from crowded. The beach is on par with the best of the south east Asia: a long, wide stretch of white sand and blue calm waters. We spent the rest of the day soaking sun and enjoying the sea.


Ngapali Beach
The beach in Ngapali was not crowded
Fruits for Sale
Fruits for sale in Ngapali.
The Fruit Ladies
Fruit vendors in Ngapali beach.
Want Some?
A woman seeling fruits in Ngapali beach.
Ngapali Woman
A woman fruit seller in Ngapali beach.
Two gmen and their boat in Ngapali.
Sunset in Ngapali
Sunset in Gapali beach.
Fruit Lady
A woam selling fruits in Ngapali beach.
The Stick
A man walking in Ngapali beach.
The Coconut
Ngapali Beach in Myanmar.


We chose the Min Thus seafood restaurant, following the Tripadvisor recommendation and did not regret it. Simply cooked, fresh and tasty fish, caught daily by the owner’s boat. Highly recommended. The way back to the hotel was 1km long and we did not meet any other tourists walking. But it feels – and is – absolutely safe to walk in Ngapali.

The next morning, we rented a boat for snorkeling, without great expectations. Nevertheless, the waters were clear, mostly blue and the fish in good numbers. It does not compare to the Maldives, but it was very pleasant and definitely better than many other places I have been. I made a mental node to visit the fishing village we passed and ended up on Pearl island, a small strip of earth close to the beach.


Snorkeling in Ngapali
Pearl Island
The tiny Pearl island in Ngapali beach.
Snorkeling in Ngapali


The next morning was cloudy and rainy, but the sky cleared before noon. I grabbed the opportunity to visit the neighboring fisherman village. It was one of the most pleasant couple of hours during this trip. Fish drying under the sun, men repairing their boats, kids playing on the beach, fishermen returning with the day’s catch. Obviously the people are poor with western standards, but it does not feel like in many other places in southeast Asia where poverty is predominant and intense. It has most likely to do with Ngapali being a tourist destination, so there is a good market for the fish and jobs for the rest.

The Beach
The beach in front of the fishing village in Ngapali.
Horseback Riding
A young man horseback riding a pony in Ngapali beach.
Fishing Boat
A fishing boat under repair in Ngapali beach.
Nice Guys
Two fishermen in Ngapali beach.
Fruits Anyone?
A fruit lady in Ngapali beach.
Smiling Guy
A young kid with a broad smile in Ngapali beach.
Smart Guy
A young kid in Ngapali beach.
Two girls in Ngapali beach.
The Player
Playing football in the Ngapali sunset.
Beach Football
A bunch of local kids playing football in Ngapali beach.
Working Man
A man and his hammer in Ngapali beach.
Beach Ride
Kids riding a bicycle in Ngapali.
A fisherman in Ngapali.
Look What I Got
A fisherman with fresh catch in Ngapali.
Throwing the Net
A fisherman fishing at the beach in Ngapali.
Fishing Boat
A fishing boat returning home.
Kids returning from school in Ngapali.
Fishermen in Ngapali.
Fush Basket
A basket full of fresh fish in Ngapali.
Bringing Home the Fish
Fishermen returning home from fishing in Ngapali.
So Funny
Two guys having fun with my camera in Ngapali.
Gang of Five
Kids in Ngapali having fun.
Three guys posing for me in Ngapali.
A tricycle in Ngapali beach.
A mother and her three kids in the fishing village in Ngapali.
A woman drying fish in Ngapali.
The Wheel
A young guy in Ngapali.
Proud Father
A man holding his son in Ngapali.
The Look
A girl with intense look in Ngapali.
Two sisters in Ngapali.
Ngapali Girl
A girl in Ngapali.
Come On
A girl and hesr sister in Ngapali.
Fish Baskets
Women carrying dried fish in Ngapali.
Short Hair
A girl with a boyish hor cut in Ngapali.
Ngapali Girl
A young girl in Ngapali.
Fish Drying
Collecting the dried fish in Ngapali.
Drying the Fish
A lovely young girl drying fish in the fishing village in Ngapali.
Drying Fish
A woman drying fish in Ngapali.


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Ngapali Beach