Rafting the Nile

What drove us to Jinja was the promise for adventure. Victoria lake is considered by many as the source of the Nile and the area is known for its rough waters, ideal for white water rafting.

Going rafting
Going rafting
Getting ready for rafting
Getting ready for rafting

I had never gone rafting before so I did not know what to expect. After a short briefing, we spent the next half hour in training: how to hold the rope, how to avoid hitting people with your paddle, how to escape suffocation when you are caught under the boat and some other fun stuff. The Nile is very calm in the training area which does not help you prepare for what’s coming up down the stream.

The Nile, starting point for our rafting adventure;16x9;Africa;Nile;rafting;Travel;Uganda

The Nile, starting point for our rafting adventure

The first rapid, a small waterfall, came after thirty minutes of happy paddling in the calm waters. Not so difficult as I realized later, but good enough to pump up the adrenaline.

The first rapid;16x9;Africa;Nile;rafting;Travel;Uganda

The first rapid

Another long stretch of calm waters allowed us to enjoy the beautiful nature and swim in the Nile.

Boat in the Nile;16x9;Africa;Nile;rafting;Travel;Uganda

Boat in the Nile

We went through three more rapids of increasing difficulty and fun.

Getting tough;ηλιας;Εlen;16x9;Africa;Nile;rafting;Travel;Uganda

Getting tough

I have to say that this was one of the most entertaining  experiences I ever had. After three hours, we were tired, happy and completely sunburned.

We had to walk around it;16x9;Africa;Nile;rafting;Travel;Uganda

We had to walk around it

You may also want to read this nice NYTimes article by Jeffrey Gettleman on the subject.



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